Civil Litigation CPD

Upcoming Autumn 2021 Updates

Available from the 1st of October.

With high-profile presenters from the country’s premier sets, this buzzing live conference recording covers up to the minute law for your practice in all the most relevant areas.

First up, our friends and colleagues at 33 Bedford Row provide some of their best personnel for broad topic coverage suitable for all civil lit lawyers.

The session moves through the gears towards Employment Law, with the renowned 36 Group followed by the top employment law team from Old Square Chambers.

2021 Updates

Enforcement of Civil Judgements and Charging Orders

Speaker: Alexander Adamou
Organisation: 33 Bedford Row
Two Harcourt Buildings

Enforcement Proceedings Under POCA 2002

Speaker: Amy Oliver
Organisation: 2 Harcourt Buildings

Landlord & Tenant: Possession Proceedings

Speaker: Elizabeth Fisher & Keith Chipato
Organisation: 33 Bedford Row

Possession Claims and the Equality Act 2010

Speaker: Jonathan Manning
Organisation: 4-5 Gray's Inn Square

Redundancy – Recent Developments

Speaker: Maurice O'Carroll
Organisation: 33 Bedford Row

Service of the Claim Form and Persons Unknown

Speaker: Alexander Adamou
Organisation: 33 Bedford Row

Workers Rights

Speaker: Alex Adamou
Organisation: 33 Bedford Row

Past Updates

Advocacy Alive

Speaker: Joseph Plowright
Organisation: Goldsmith Chambers

Child Maintenance Service

Speaker: Crispin Hayhoe
Organisation: 33 Bedford Row

Litigating Brexit – The UK Constitution 2019

Speaker: Austen Morgan
Organisation: 33 Bedford Row

Marc Beaumont Defending Solicitors at the SRA Disciplinary Tribunal

Speaker: Marc Beaumont
Organisation: No 8 Chambers
Two Harcourt Buildings

Money Laundering Under POCA 2002

Speaker: Frederick Hookway
Organisation: 2 Harcourt Building

Non-Disclosure Arrangements

Speaker: Oliver Isaacs
Organisation: Old Square Chambers

Part 36 Orders

Speaker: Alex Adamou
Organisation: 33 Bedford Row
25 bedford row

Proceeds of Crime Act and Unexplained Wealth Orders

Speaker: Alex Jamieson
Organisation: 25 Bedford Row

Setting Aside Business Orders in the Magistrates Court

Speaker: Simon Hill
Organisation: 33 Bedford Row

Tainted Gifts In Confiscation

Speaker: Richard Fisher
Organisation: Doughty Street Chambers

Tax Litigation and Appeals to the Tax Tribunal

Speaker: Hammad Baig
Organisation: 33 Bedford Row

Unlawful Detention In The Civil Courts

Speaker: Samina Iqbal
Organisation: Goldsmith Chambers


Spring Update
available from 1 May 2021


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