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Latest Updates

Youth in the Criminal Justice System

Speaker: Caroline Liggins
Organisation: Hodge Jones & Allen

Protest Rights Then and Now – From Newbury to XR

Speaker: Mike Schwarz
Organisation: Hodge Jones & Allen

Police Powers at Protests – Police Crime and Sentencing Act 2021

Speaker: Margo Munro Kerr
Organisation: One Pump COurt

20 Dos and Donts in the Police Station Custody Suite

Speaker: George Dugbo
Organisation: MB Defence Services

Past Updates

Abuse of Process

Speaker: Colin Wells
Organisation: 25 Bedford Row Chambers

Actions Against the Police 1

Speaker: Stephen Cragg
Organisation: Doughty Street Chambers

Actions Against the Police 2

Speaker: Andrew Arthur
Organisation: Irwin Mitchell LLP

Bail and Detention

Speaker: Agata Patyna
Organisation: Doughty Street Chambers

Bail.RUI.PACE.Sentencing Updates

Speaker: Harriet Johnson
Organisation: Doughty Street Chambers

Case Management

Speaker: Andy Fitzpatrick
Organisation: Garden Court North Chambers

Criminal Deportation Appeals

Speaker: Sangeetha Iengar
Organisation: Goldsmith Chambers

Defending Solicitors at the SRA Disciplinary Tribunal

Speaker: Marc Beaumont
Organisation: No 8 Chambers

Digital Case Management and CJSM

Speaker: Duncan Jones
Organisation: 25 Bedford Row Chambers

Fitness to Plead. Intermediaries

Speaker: Natasha Lloyd Owen and Emma Stuart Smith
Organisation: 25 Bedford Row Chambers

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