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Police Station
Photo ID

Solicitor & Barrister
Photo ID

Police Station Photo ID

Solicitor and Barrister Photo ID

£20 for at least Two Years

Valid for at least two years from purchase date
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We make two types of ID card

1) Police station ID Card – for those attending police stations
2) General ID Card – Solicitors, Barristers and all lawyers (see dropdown on the application form).


1) Law Friends Police Station ID Cards
are fully compliant with the requirements set out by the Duty Solicitor Call Centre and the Legal Aid Agency 2017 Standard Crime Contract which makes it mandatory for all police station advice lawyers to carry photo ID. If you do not carry photo ID you are in breach of the standard crime contract governing your attendance at the police station.

Your card has your name, professional status, firm, practice area, DSCC PIN number and regulatory body with roll number and contact phone number, double-sided photo, carry case, safety lanyard, and is very useful in the custody suite improving your professional image and providing your details custody sergeants while identifying you as a Solicitor in the custody suite with ease.

We fact check all applications so that every card and is compliant with the requirements of the Defence Solicitor Call Centre, the Legal Aid Agency and the Ministry of Justice for custody suite entry in police stations across England and Wales.


2) Law Friends Solicitor and Barrister ID – general ID
This superbly presented Professional Status photo ID card clearly displays your name, firm, photo and exact career status, and comes with an attractive carry case and safety release lanyard. It is suitable for all lawyers who want to make a good impression in meetings, at conferences, drinks parties or when meeting with clients.

Our Professional Status ID cards are for anyone in the industry who would like to benefit from a slick, professional, beautifully crafted personal professional ID.

You can now add your logo to the front of the cards.

Compliant with the regulations provided by the following bodies

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