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Reviews of The Law Friends Society

“I have been attending these events for years and each time they improve. Excellent organisation and conference”

Oliver Al-Falah. Solicitor. 100% score

“Amazing overview on various topics especially in the light of recent developments and changes in the law”

Chris Pelentrides. Solicitor. 100% score

“Excellent presentations and audio visual / media facilities”

Aisha Abdul Latif. Solicitor Manager. 100% score

“Great day out. Value for money, loved the venue, fabulous speakers, easy to get to. All in all, very well put together”

Jeevan Gill. Solicitor. 100% score


Rachel Viko. Solicitor.

“Extremely well presented and informative course. Excellent range of speakers and subjects” 100% score

Nazily Khan. Principal Solicitor. Ackers and Co

“Thoroughly enjoyable course with excellent content, speakers and materials.” 100%

Lax Braith. Partner. Braith Solicitors

“Very useful conference. I learned alot. A brilliant organisation!”

Aneka Shoukat. Trainee. Shire Solicitors.

“Thank you for organising this course “100% score

M.Gengarathan.Director,Gengar and Co.

“The speakers were excellent and each of the topics covered were very relevant to current affairs and provided the most recent and relevant developments in the field. Very engaging and enjoyable experience” 100% score

Amy Richards.Paralegal.Carter Thomas Solicitors

“Very well presented. Excellent speakers. Very informative. Venue spacious and comfortable” 100% score

 Abess Taqi.Solicitor.Virgo solicitors

“Conference was excellent. Many thanks to all concerned” 100% score

 Nick Leath. Assistant. Lansbury Worthington

“Thank you very much for your excellent conference. The speakers were of the highest quality” 100% score

Mohammed Hoshi. Immigration Consultant. Sabeers Stone Green

“Another great conference. See you again next year!” 100% score

Clare Hurst. Senior Solicitor. North East Law Centre

“Excellent course with relevant topics. Thanks” 100%

Shabeer Qureshi. Solicitor. Riley Hodges

“Well done and thank you again. Certainly worth attending”

Gerard Hall. Solicitor. Hetheringtons.

“Great range of topics delivered by a number of experts in their fields. Third time i’ve been to a CLFS conference and will attend again in the future” 100%

Jim Skelsey.  Partner. BSB Solicitors

“Excellent value for money” 100%

Ignatius Etukudeh. Supervisor. Broad Street

“Brilliant as expected from my past attendances. Glad the conferences are still going strong” 100%

Lorna white. Principal. Debridge Solicitors

“Excellent conference. Speakers very informative and knowledgeable. Very Impressive!”

Clita Johnrose.  Solicitor. Ellencourt Partnership.

“Many thanks to ILFS and No 5 Chambers. It’s a real pleasure to share knowledge, passion and expertise with delegates”

Becket Bedford. Immigration Barrister No 5 Chambers

“Outstanding speakers with incredible knowledge, experience and expertise in their sessions. Beautiful venue with friendly staff and the event was publicised well.” 100%

Nick Gore. Associate. Carter Thomas Solicitors

“Wide range of current issues, set at the right level for practitioners, presented by experienced Counsel with established presenting skills.” 100%

Arana Sarwar. Principal. Arana St James solicitors.

“Fantastic conference”

Lanre Yekinni. Principal. Supreme Solicitors

“Time keeping and facilitation was amazing. The quality of the facilitation was very excellent”

Iyabo Eferekoinol Principal. Lonsdale and Mayall

“Thank you very much for all the great effort” 100 %

David Ouattarra. Immigration supervisor. AGI Solicitors

“Great speakers. Very relevant up to date information” 100%

Geraldine Johnson. Lawyer. Wilson and Co Solicitors

“Well done!! Second one attended and full marks. Keep it up.” 100%

Bhavesh Vasa. Paralegal, Latif Solicitors

“Excellent course. Eye to detail on complex areas such as deportation, asylum and article 8.Very well presented.” 100%

Abid Hussain. Senior partner. Equity law chambers

“Excellent content. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to some excellent barristers who I have heard of but never met. Good to see them in person, it helps when I think of instructing them”

Anuf Ajaib. Whiterose Blackman”

“Met all my training needs, very organised and educative at low financial rates”

Ogechi Durur. Solicitor, Jemek Solicitors

“Very well laid out. Would be great to attend another course”

Ramsha Hussain, Kingswood Solicitors

“Very Informative. Good practical tips. Extremely impressive” 100%

Kate Nickson. MIICA Services.

“Very well organised”

Shabir Akhtar.Director. Kingswood Solicitors

“Fantastic conference”

Daniel Hussain,Silverdale Solicitors

“Brilliant presentation”

Tandazani Chipato, Semek Solicitors limited

“Excellent content”

Anthony Mckken. Partner TTS Solicitors 

“Enjoyed the course, keep up the good work”

Samuel Sotunde, Consultant Duty Solicitor

“Great course as usual”

Hulusi Ali Kaim Todner 

“Another good conference. Very informative”

Zahid Iqbal, Z legal solicitors 

“Very Informative”

Anjum Nazr, O Garras

“Great day, thanks”

Peter Chadwick, Robert Lizar Solicitors

“Very good conference, well organised and good speakers”

KizztAugustin, Russel Cooke

“Another well paced course with good speakers, current and appropriate content”

Edel Speirets. HRA. Michael Carrol and Co

“The usual high standard, course delivered at a reasonable rate”

John Farnan. OARgs partnership

“Great engaging conference, really enjoyed QC talk.” 100 %

Nicola Tyers. Mary Monson  Solicitors

“Excellent Conference, good range of topics”

Khadija Khan. Shah Law Chambers

“As always a first class conference” 100%

Edward Preston. Solicitor. Edward Fail Bradshaw Waterson. 

“Yet again an insightful engaging lecture covering areas much needed and of most interest”

Rachel Ottley. Solicitor Advocate. Taylor Street. 100%

“All fabulous. Thank you very much” 100%

Jo Barun. Solicitor. Kaim Todner.

“Excellent conference. Value for money” 

Madeleine Priestley. Director. Bishop and Light.100%

“Well structured, informative and useful” 

Michael Carol. Principal. Michael Carol and Co.100%

“Excellent venue and high calibre speakers-well done”

Derek Hayward. Sole Practitioner.100%

“Very good course. Keep it up and keep going” 

Donovan Malcolm, Solicitor. Malcolm and Co Solicitor LLp.100%

“Very diverse, informative and interesting conference” 100%

Deborah Best. Solicitor. Needham Poulier.

“Great value course. Fab venue. Great speakers.” 100%

M.Newell. Solicitor. Newells 

“Topics great today. Always like the venue. See you next time” 100%

Sue Heal.PS Rep. Petherbridge Bassra.

“Very helpful. Thank you” 100%

David Cowan. Partner. Cowans.

“Great in depth course as always” 96%

Jon Tyson. Director/Partner. Henscotts. 

“Venue good, speakers very knowledgeable…..I really enjoyed every bit of it from the start until the end” 96%

Matthew Adewole. AKA Solicitors LLP 

“A very well organised and balanced event. Excellent speakers. Can’t fault the material or content” 96%

Jaqueline Victor Mazeli. Barrister. Law Lane Chambers.

“Excellent course. The best yet” 96%

Helena Amatey. Duty Solicitor. Mcmillan Williams. 

“Advocacy lecture was outstanding” 92%

J Arenstein. Consultant. Aitken Harter. 

“As always, great value for money92% 

Lestwyn Davies.Solicitor. Evans Roberts.

“Another very useful and interesting course by CLFS” 88%

Paul Hanratty. Senior Solicitor. Lambert Taylor Gregory. 

“Excellent conference. Well structured. Quality content. Thank you for all those who contributed and participated to put together such a cracking conference” 80 %

Kath Jatter HCA GT Stewart.