Training Plan

Suitable for all lawyers at every level of their career 

Let’s keep this simple !

  1. Evaluate where you need to improve
  2. Complete your training plan on the forms given below
  3. Watch your seminars throughout the year
  4. Download your Law Friends personal training record
  5. Record by attaching your personal record to the form

Our caseloads are complex enough already but  professional development is so important for top drawer lawyers to stay at the front of the grid . Our continuing competence CPD courses are designed for you to improve your skills and knowledge in specific learning areas within your practice area and for that process to be fast , simple and inexpensive with minimum burden on your work .

We design the courses together . People in practice , the best people . With our learning library you have 12 months access to all the social welfare subject areas with one low cost payment for all regular update bulletins , video seminars and of course our very popular annual conferences in Manchester , Birmingham and London .

Our finished product is a professionally finished easy to follow seminar filmed in high definition with high quality audio with easy to follow prompt cards and full speakers notes .This means you can improve your skillset in a new area whenever you browse our CPD library as you choose . It’s not a fixed time webinar so you are free to follow a course whenever suits . Simply log in and view on your time, on your mobile phone , tablet , laptop or PC, or as a group seminar at the office on a larger screen where a project leader can start group discussions in house whenever the timetable suits.

With over 200 specialist presenters in our network every production is unique, varied , informative and often entertaining. Most seminars are between 30 and 40 minutes long , some are shorter whilst full summaries are sometimes an hour – but variety is key , along with completeness, so we provide the full range. We have about 300 seminars in our library going back five years covering every relevant update with support notes and past papers which you can browse freely.

After watching you can e mail the speakers direct on points of law , case load enquiries or to instruct. Full contact information is given at the end of each seminar.

Our annual package gives you the knowledge you need in advance of the changes which happen around the clock. Codified statute, new case law , practice and procedure , advocacy , strategy, sentencing , toolkits, summaries , forensics , technology , information systems, research , networks , industry news , campaigns , unity in the profession , past papers , past seminars , creatively presented brand new law and parties ! All in one simple plan .

We believe in CPD as a vital gateway to being the best in the business

Please find your training plan and recording form links below.

Solicitors Training Plan

Download SRA Training plan and recording forms here

Barristers Training Plan

Established Practitioner Programme record card template