When you book you agree to the following terms and conditions

If your ticket is booked by a third party, they must make you aware of this document

This document will be e mailed to you with your ticket.

1. All events and videos are non-transferable

All LFS conference ticket and video training packages are strictly non-refundable and strictly non-transferable between individuals, groups, organisations and events at any point.

LFS tickets, videos and training records are unique to the delegate and cannot under any circumstances be shared with any other member.

You cannot give your ticket to another person or share course materials or videos with any other person under any circumstance.

2. Entry to the event

You must print your event ticket for checking/scanning on entry. No ticket, no entry.

You cannot pay cash on arrival. Our conferences are strictly tickets in advance so that all delegates are registered for compliance records purposes

One hard copy course pack per delegate on arrival only. Do not take extra packs.

Topics and speakers may change at any time.

Venue and refreshment arrangements may change at any time.

Delegates must sign in and be seated before 9.25 am for a prompt 9.30 start otherwise entry will be refused to avoid disruption. Please therefore respect the lecture clock and your colleagues by being on time in the same way that you would attending a client or Court. The courses require 6 hrs of attendance and any deviation from that will not be authorised by the course provider.

3. Conference Compliance Code

The Course code is given out at the end of the course and not before and not after in any circumstance and no matter what issue any delegate may raise

Delegates leaving the conference early will not receive the compliance code in any circumstance.

This is a six-hour attendance course worth 7 CCC. If a delegate cannot commit to the course timings for personal and transport reasons, they are advised not to book the course.

An extra hour CCC is achievable by one hour of advanced reading of the course pack totalling 7 CCC per event.

Any rude, offensive, aggressive or insulting behaviour will result in immediate removal from the event.

Right of refusal or removal at any time from any event is always maintained

4. Video Seminar Code of Practice and £50k Penalty Clause

The video package you purchase is viewable for 12 months from the purchase date

If you pay by direct debit you will automatically renew into the next rolling year unless you cancel the direct debit.

The account you create with Law Friends is contractually binding and you agree NOT to share our videos or our course materials with anyone under any circumstance.

Law Friends hold the copyright to all videos, logos, website pages, event publicity, events, formats and course packs. Reproducing them, displaying them, playing them, sharing, downloading, publishing, recreating, copying, projecting, running informal seminars, playing the content whether visual or audio or both to multiple groups or individuals who have not subscribed to the service or without the express consent of Law Friends Society will create liability in the breach of the sum of £50,000 as a penalty clause in this contract.

In subscribing to our package you agree that its purpose is for you as one single person and only for you as a subscriber to the package and you will not go beyond that agreement in playing the videos to any other party unless there is a separate arrangement with your firm

Do not therefore copy or distribute our work.

5. ID Cards.

Police station ID applicants must give their correct DSCC PIN number. Please double check it when you apply.

All ID cards are personal and non-transferable and must be stored in a safe place

The information given at all stages of the application process is honest and correct. It will be double checked by Law Friends in a two stage verification process

Any fraudulent applications will be reported to the regulatory bodies, the police and your firm if applicable

If you have a change of name, firm, PIN or status, or any other information change you must destroy your old card if you still have it.

If you have successfully applied for a card, received it and you apply for a replacement card due to loss or change of circumstance the admin costs are ten pounds and you must e mail Law Friends and apply again

It is your duty to provide accurate information. There are costs involved in processing these cards and Law Friends will not be expected to meet those costs. Any wrong, false or incomplete applications will not be refunded under any circumstances. You must apply again, and the cost is £25 for an incomplete fresh application

If you send a wrong address or postcode and do not receive your card you can re-apply, and the original cost will apply of £25

The ID cards are valid for two years from release date starting 10 April 2020 and expire on 1 May 2020

Be reminded that for a new card you should be applying 28 days before expiry 1 April 2020

Cards take approximately 28 days to arrive at your given address.

Applications can be refused at the organisation’s discretion

Any untoward conduct or professional conduct issues arising in the course of you owning this document will result in us asking you to return the card to us forfeiting your ownership as it bears our brand logo and declares you a legal professional. Any behaviour contrary will mean that you will lose the card.