Actions Against the Police 1

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Stephen Cragg QC.
Criminal Defence Barrister at Doughty Street Chambers “Crime Team of the Year 2019”

Human Rights Act
Equality act
Sueing the CPS and Police
Rights of victims
Police records
Assault and false imprisonment
Article 5 ECHR
Case Law
retention,use and destruction of information
DNA samples at ECHR
Protection of Freedoms Act
L 2009 applying Art 8
RMC 2011 Fingerprints and photographs
6 year limity
Disclosure of Cautions PRA 1997
Article 8
Removing arrest info from PNC

You can contact Stephen Cragg QC by telephoning his clerks on 0207 404 1313

Speaker: Stephen Cragg
Organisation: Doughty Street Chambers
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