Central Issues Around Female Genital Mutilation

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In this insightful expert seminar, Dr Jennifer Obaseki, founder and director of Obaseki Solicitors, looks at an extremely important societal issue which is often overlooked within the law, to give an -in-depth talk about central issues around female genital mutilation in the UK, looking:

  • Defining FGM
  • Common misconceptions
  • Statistics, types of FGM and its consequences
  • FGM Protection Orders
  • Applying for FGMPOs
  • Unwanted effects of FGM law
  • Tackling FGM

Relevant laws

FGM Act 2003:

Serious Crime Act 2015: 

Case law

R v Dharmasena, 2015

Z (A Child), 2017

Re X (A Child) (FGMPO), 2018

R v. N (FGM), 2019

Suffolk County Council v RD and MA (2020)

Dr Jennifer Obaseki is an award-winning solicitor. She manages teams specialising in immigration, civil litigation, negligence, family, crime, property and commercial law. She was most recently honoured with a doctorate degree in Law for her humanitarian activities.

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Speaker: Jennifer Obaseki
Organisation: Obaseki Solicitors
Obaseki Solicitors

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