20 Dos and Donts in the Police Station Custody Suite

Speaker: George Dugbo
Chambers: MB Defence Services


Our presenter , George Dugbo is an experienced police station rep and trials advocate Solicitor who is well known across the London Criminal Defence circuits and is part of the management team at MB Defence.

This seminar was written by five leading senior London criminal defence solicitors with vast experience of police station custody suite representations and interviews under PACE.

The purpose of this session is to give depth to the custody suite lawyer’s knowledge and offer supporting observations to intricate and detailed actual scenarios which we can all face from time to time . These are real case situations , and real case saving responses which can be swiftly deployed for good results

Some examples include

The Custody Sergeant does not accept that you are a Solicitor. 

The OIC is going to far , states in IV that this is his interview and he will proceed as he chooses.

The OIC invites the AA to advise in your abscence , is this allowed ?

A caution is offered pre IV , how to ensure this happens.

There are twenty scenarios which have been professionally filmed in Chambers at 33 Bedford Row forming a very presentable ,and enjoyable collection, for solo or group viewing at your firm .






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