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Account Freezing and Account Forfeiture Orders

Speaker: Josie Welland
Chambers: Rahman Ravelli

Josie is a highly-rated associate solicitor who specialises in the defence of white-collar crime cases. She has carved a reputation for insightful representation of both corporates and individuals facing
allegations of global economic wrongdoing or financial impropriety.

Josie begins by outlining the increased use of Account Freezing Orders (AFOs), before giving a concise overview of the mechanics of AFOs and Account Forfeiture Orders. She then moves on to describe practical considerations in relation to: the duty of candour (CAN DA) in without notice applications, setting aside AFOs, and finally, how to vary AFOs for legal expenses. 

Key words/ topics:

Account Freezing Orders

Account Forfeiture Orders

The Duty of Candour (CAN DA)

Part 5 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

Home Office’s Asset Recovery Statistical Bulletin

Influence of pandemic

The Criminal Finance Act 2017

Unexplained Wealth Orders

“Unlawful Conduct”

Forfeiture Notices

Variations for Reasonable Legal Expenses

“Required Conditions” set out by Proceeds of Crime 2002 (Legal Expenses in Civil Recovery) Regulations 2005

Civil Procedure Rules 

The Practice Direction on Civil Recovery Proceedings

Statement of Assets

More about Josie Welland

Josie is known for her sensitive, intelligent management of investigations and prosecutions in a range of multi-jurisdictional matters. Her caseload has a particular focus on asset recovery as well as allegations of bribery and corruption, fraud, tax evasion and money laundering. At any given time, she is managing a busy client portfolio that covers a broad range of large, complex and cross-border contentious matters.

While adept at managing her own caseload from pre-action and investigation through to trial, Josie
is also in demand among colleagues who routinely seek her assistance in complex and high-value cases. 

Josie’s widely-recognised expertise coupled with her ability to provide informed legal advice have made her popular with clients, colleagues and other figures in the legal profession. As a result, she has been heavily involved in some of the most significant bribery and corruption, tax evasion, cryptocurrency, money laundering and national and multinational fraud cases. She has extensive experience of representing clients in investigations brought by agencies such as the Serious Fraud Office, the Financial Conduct Authority and HM Revenue and Custom.