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Advocacy and Unity in the Profession

Speaker: John Cooper QC
Chambers: 25 Bedford Row

Here John fuses his formidable advocacy knowledge with his belief in the need for the industry to unite .John is a criminal defence barrister at 25 Bedford Row Chambers and here he discusses The Opening Speech Primary and Secondary Disclosure Admissions Hurdles 5cs The Five C’s of Examination in Chief Be Clear Be Concise Be Chronological Be Comprehensive Be Controlled One Idea Per Question Use the W’s How Tell us Pause Silence Empathy Water Put the Witness at Ease Affirmation Cross Examination Be clear about the purpose of the Questions Undermine the Opponent Advance the Defence Never Ask a Question you dont know the Answer to Never use “Why” Think Ahead Use Killer Points Fast Be Flexible Listen to the Answers Unity Within The Profession Protecting Legal Aid Trust You can contact John Cooper QC via