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An Update on New Regulations Regarding Evidence from Abroad for Extradition Cases

Speaker: Karen Todner
Chambers: Karen Todner Ltd

Karen is an internationally renowned solicitor, who qualified in 1987 and for many years was the MD of one of the largest criminal defence firms in the UK. She now specialises in and has a formidable reputation in criminal defence and extradition. She is admired for her ‘fearless’ approach to complex cases. Her peers characterise her as a ‘formidable opponent’ and a ‘vociferous litigator’.

In this presentation, Karen provides a concise update outlining new regulations regarding evidence from abroad or extradition processes. She talks through a form that can be used to make an application for a live link direction, giving useful guidance on how to fill out the form.

Key Words/Topics:

Application for a Live Link Direction
CPR 3.38
Witness Information
Interests of Justice