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Burden of Proof in Refugee Cases and Tier One Entrepreneur Visas

Speaker: Becket Bedford
Chambers: No 5 Chambers

Becket Bedford
No 5 Chambers’
The Distribution of the Burden of Proof in Refugee Case Law and Tier One Entrepreneur Visas

The Burden of Proof
JK v Sweden
AM v Zimbabwe
Kiarie v Byndloss
The Qualification Directive
Art 4.5 Par 339L Imm Rules
Burden of Proof and the Secretary of State
Already qualified as a refugee
UK position opposed to Strasbourg
Kakaj 2001 “Real Risk”
Strasbourg Art 3 is the same test as UK
Strasbourg test developed in JK Sweden
Par 186 and 187 “where evidence is adduced”
Two stage test to Art 3 protection claim
LJ Sale “Adducing evidence capable of proving”
AM v Zimbabwe 2018 Cof A
Standards of Proof
s 94 Unfounded Certification cases
Kiarie v Bindloss Par 35 and 54
Uncertified Prima Facie arguable cases
JK v Sweden
Members of targeted groups Par 103,105
Par 94 “Real risk ” and “Chance of harm”
Par 97 Reverse Burden of Proof ,Art 3 Protections
Qualification Directive 339 L
Satisfying conditions 5A to E
KS and the Supreme Court
A to E and Documentary Evidence
Nullifying the A to E requirements

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