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Child Maintenance Service

Speaker: Crispin Hayhoe
Chambers: 33 Bedford Row

Child Maintenance Service
Crispin Hayhoe
33 Bedford Row

Crispin advises and represents clients in a full range of civil and commercial disputes.  He accepts instructions in chancery, civil and commercial law. As a qualified accountant, he is particularly skilled with financial disputes. Crispin has developed a niche practice in the area of child support disputes.

Here Crispin outlines the origins of the Child Support Agency, before explaining the ways in which CSA Claims are calculated and distributed, and who is entitled to them. He goes on to explain sanctions for cases of fraud, before giving tips to lawyers managing appeals or prosecution cases.

Key words/topics

Child Support Agency (CSA)

“Deliquent Dads”

CSA Claims

Maintenance Calculations

Life Cycle of a Claim

Means Enquiry Form

“Voluntary Payments”

Deduction Orders

Liability Orders

Freezing Orders

“Inconsistent Lifestyle”

Default Maintenance Assessment 

Data Protection Act


More about Cripsin Hayhoe

Before qualifying as a barrister, Crispin practised as a certified accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and qualified as a licensed insolvency practitioner. In the last 12 months he has acted for a number of debtors and creditors in insolvency proceedings (including a case in the Court of Appeal. This wide-ranging commercial background is reflected in the cases Crispin undertakes, which include company-based litigation, directors’ duties and disqualifications, partnership disputes, insolvency issues, contractual and insurer disputes. He is fully familiar with consumer credit litigation and cases involving remedies under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996.

Crispin’s background and experience makes him well placed to deal with asset recovery, whistleblowing and general employment issues. Crispin is always sensitive to commercial context and is valued for his ability to risk-assess each stage of litigation and to explain the full range of options at each stage of litigation or anticipated litigation. Crispin’s clients value his cost-effective, commercially aware approach to client care.

As well as his general commercial caseload, Crispin has developed a niche practice in the area of child support disputes. For many years he has been instructed by government departments in cases that have gone before the courts, but he also accepts instruction on behalf of individuals affected by the litigation.