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Criminal Law Update Manchester 2

Speaker: Nicky Hall
Chambers: Robert Lizar and Co Solicitors

Nicky Hall
Solicitor Advocate
Robert Lizar and Co Solicitors

Police and Crime Act 2017
Changes to Pre Charge Bail
Release Under Investigation
Changes to Conditional Bail
28 days,Three Months or more?
Time Deductions for CPS Advice?
College of Policing Guidance on PCB
Applicable Bail Period Suspended/Revised
Extensions by Suprintendent or Magistrates Only
CPR Forms
Five Days for Defence to Respond
Breach of Bail.Defence/Offences/Sentencing
Advice in Client Letter
Section 17 Extended Police Powers on Entry
Youth Age Raised to 18 at PS
New Sentencing on Harrasment
Exploitation Sexual Offences Act
Sexual Communication with a Child
Revised Sentencing Guidelines
Driving Offences
Guilty Plea Provisions and Evidence
Youth Sentencing,Custody and Welfare

Intermediaries and Vulnerable Clients
Dangerous Driving
I of W v Platt.Education Case and Holidays
Inns of Court Guidance on Youth Advocacy