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Criminal Lifestyle and Confiscation – disapplying the s10 POCA assumptions

Speaker: Page Nyame
Chambers: Two Harcourt Buildings

In this detailed seminar, we welcome Page Nyame to our ever-expanding Law Friends family to present on issues relating to criminal lifestyle and confiscation under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2022. This informative presentation works well as a companion piece to fellow 2 Harcourt Buildings barrister Amy Oliver’s seminar Enforcement Proceedings Under POCA 2002 from 2021, and looks at in particular:

Part 2 POCA confiscation – practical (the statements)
Part 2 POCA confiscation – procedural (postponement)
S.6 general criminal conduct (criminal lifestyle) vs particular criminal conduct
S.10 criminal lifestyle assumptions
S.10 (6) disapplying the assumptions
What’s next?

Relevant law

Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

Page has a busy Crown Court criminal practice prosecuting and defending. She is confident working with young and vulnerable witnesses having completed vulnerable witness training and marshalled at Willesden Youth Court. She has recent experience of cases involving youth defendants and ground rules hearings in the Youth, Magistrates and Crown Court.

Her recent cases include, R v O – Prosecution: Fraud, Maidstone Crown Court [2022], a successful prosecution of a £34k fraud with defendant convicted on two count indictment, with current instructions in the consequent POCA (confiscation) proceedings.

Outside of her professional work, Page has a keen interest in charity governance especially in causes related to advocacy for and by young people and the criminal justice system.