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Digital Case Management and CJSM

Speaker: Duncan Jones
Chambers: 25 Bedford Row

Digital Case Management and CJSM
Duncan Jones
Specialist Criminal Defence Barrister
The Defence Specialists 25 Bedford Row

Duncan Jones of Counsel presents a clearly set out invaluable guide to electronic case management and CJSM ,Government portal and best practice for case management under the new regime.

Soft merge
Why did BCM come about?
Early Guilty Plea Scheme
Crown Court Disclosure Regime
The Magistrates Court
The BCM Questionnaire
Service of Prosecution Papers
Early Guilty Plea
Fast Delivery PSR
Exceptional Cases
Completing the PTPH Form
Abuse of Process to Plead
Witness Requirements
Guilty Plea at PTPH
Sentencing on Day of Plea
Probation Issues
Not Guilty Plea at PTPH
Case Management for Trial
Stage One Directions ie Primary Disclosure
Stage Two Directions ie The Defence Stage
Stage Three ie Secondary Disclosure
Stage Four ie Defence Response Before Trial
Youth Matters
Non Contentious Matters
Witness Requirements
Certificate of Trial Readiness
Time Limits
E Form
Complaints and Administrative Directions
Crown Court Disclosure Regime
Document Heavy Cases
CPS Review and Notification Form
Defence Requests in Writing
Early Guilty Plea Scheme Discounts
Discount at First Hearing or PTPH
The Digital Case System
CJSM E Mail Account
Professional Court Users WiFi System
Support Helpdesk
MOJ Training Portal
Finding Your Case/View case
Review Evidence/Invite to Join Individual Practitioners
Downloading the Bundle as a PDF
ROCA (Record of Case Activity)
Privacy Settings
Uploading Files
Online PTPH Form
Unrepresented Defendants

For further information or to contact Duncan Jones via his Clerks please e mail