Disclosure, Fairness,Tactics and Procedure

Speaker: Raphael Jesurum
Chambers: Lamb Building

Raphael Jesurum
Immigration Barrister
Lamb Building

Protect the Client’s Interests
Promote Fairness
Ensure Strategic Litigation
Rule 15
Early Case Preparation
Rule 24
Rule 6
EG and NG
Just before enter slide
Data Protection
Disclosure Between Parties
Rule 4.3.b
Third Party Evidence
Amos Directions
Compare CPR
CPR Rule 31 Test and Third Party Evidence
Documents Likely to Support Case
Frankson and the Balance of Convenience
Tanver Ahmed ;The Silver Bullet
Asylum ; Evidence to the Criminal Standard
Identify the test
Evidence the test
Pursuade the Judge
Never let the other side get away with anything
Always raise concerns
Secure the evidence
Show the unfairness
Seek advice early

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