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Speaker: Harriet Johnson
Chambers: Doughty Street Chambers

Harriet Johnson
Defence Barrister and WICL founder member
Doughty Street Chambers
Crime Team of the Year

2017 Disclosure Reports-Use Them !
The Mountcher Trial
Cover Ups and Conspiracies
CPS Audit and Police Misconduct
Independent Review ?
Practice Direction
Disclosure Failures in Sex Cases
DPP and Data Access
CPS National Disclosure Improvement Plan
Protecting the Client
PACE S22 ss4 Retention of Evidence
Police Property Act 1897 Section 1
Prioritising Disclosure
Practical Steps
Undermining the Prosecution Case
Early Reminder to Crown to Disclose
Serve Defence Statement Early
S.8 Applications
S8.2 Reasonable Cause
Back to the Crisis
Use the Reports
Choose your Key Quotes and Paragraphs
“Audits Far below any acceptable standard”
Swash v DPP (Adjournment)
Boardman -A must read case
Criminal Procedure Investigations Act
“All lines of Enquiry” CPIA Code of Practice 3.5
Wasted Costs
Abuse of Process
Select Committee Enquiry

You can contact Harriet Johnson via her clerks on 0207 400 9088