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Electronic Tagging and Cell Site Analysis

Speaker: Dr David Schudel
Chambers: Keith Borer Consultants

Dr David Schudel started his career at Keith Borer Consultants in 1991, before emigrating to the USA, and then the Cayman Islands where he was the Government Chemist. He returned to Keith Borer Consultants in 2007. He specialises in a number of areas including forensic chemistry, fire investigation, scene reconstruction, cell site analysis and offender tagging cases. He has given expert evidence in the USA, Cayman Islands, Guyana, Ireland and all 4 jurisdictions of the UK.

In this informative presentation, Dr Schudel gives an update on the different types of tracking technologies currently available to the criminal justice system. He explains how they work and how they are often used in practice, highlighting their uses and pitfalls. This is valuable knowledge that can assist lawyers in the ways that they analyse and use evidence.

Key word/topics:

Offender tags
Cell site analysis
Curfew monitoring
Movement Control
GPS system
Inclusion or exclusion zones
Immigration tracking
RF-based system
Foreign PID
Visitor tag
Handshakes with tag
Assessment of damage claims
Tag analysis