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Enforcement of Civil Judgements and Charging Orders

Speaker: Alexander Adamou
Chambers: 33 Bedford Row

Alex joined Chambers following completion of his first six at a Commercial Chambers in London. Whilst there Alex assisted other members in advising clients on various aspects of Commercial and Civil Law. In addition to his civil work, Alex appears in various Magistrate’s Courts. Alex increasingly appears in the Crown Court and has experience in dealing with all aspects of criminal law including the Youth Court.

In this presentation, Alexander outlines the mechanics of civil judgements and charging orders. First, he highlights some key legal terms before outlining general methods of enforcement. He then goes on to describe procedures, including preliminary considerations for charging orders, orders to obtain information, what the court will consider and general principles governing the exercise of discretion. He helpfully explains how to manage various situations, for example, by showing differences between how to manage orders made against registered land and unregistered land.

Key words/topics

  • Enforcement of civil judgements
  • Charging Orders
  • Writ of control
  • Warrant of control
  • Third party debt order
  • Charging order, stop order or stop notice
  • Attachment of earnings
  • Appointment of a receiver
  • Judgment Summons (County Court Rules Ord.28)
  • Committal
  • Sequestration
  • Judgement Debt
  • The Limitation Act 1980
  • Insolvency Register
  • Attachment of Earnings Index
  • Register of Judgements, Orders and Fines for England and Wales
  • Order for the detention, custody, or preservation of relevant property
  • Freezing Injunctions
  • Charging Orders Act 1979
  • Interim Charging Order
  • Final Charging Order
  • Order for Sale
  • Funds in Court
  • Hearing and Court Discretion

More about Alexander Adamou

Alex completed his Second Six within Chambers and was subsequently offered tenancy.

Alex has since developed a thriving Civil, Commercial, Employment and Regulatory Practice and regularly represents clients in various aspects of civil and commercial litigation including complex, multi-day cases. Alex’s practice covers Commercial and Chancery Law as well as Personal and Corporate Insolvency.

He has also appeared before the Court of Protection (DoLs) on numerous occasions. Alex has assisted at all stages in proceedings including applications under the Mental Health act for detention and treatment.  Alongside his Mental Health practice, he has a keen interest in discrimination, whistleblowing, unfair and wrongful dismissal, and equal pay claims in Employment Law.

As a junior member of the team, he acts for both claimants and respondents in RTA’s, Credit Hire and Housing Possession in the County Court.

Finally, Alex also represents individuals in various aspects of Family Law. This includes Non-Molestation Orders, Occupation Orders, and Child Arrangement Orders.

Alex has undertaken secondments and is regularly instructed by the Government Legal Department as a “Junior Junior Barrister”.