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Exaggerations and limitations of cell site analysis

Speaker: Dr David Schudel
Chambers: Keith Borer Consultants

In this informative and eye-opening seminar, David Schrudel offers expert advice on cell site analysis, looking at how mobile phone data can be used as evidence, illustrating his points with satellite imagery and technical explanations. In particular, David looks at:

• What is a cell?
• Networks and technology
• Call data records and considerations
• Mobile data and device data records
• Limitations and misinterpretations

Relevant law


Dr David Schudel has been employed as a forensic scientist since 1991 specialising in forensic chemistry (including drug analysis), fire investigation and cell site analysis. He has worked in the UK, USA and Cayman Islands and given expert testimony in these jurisdictions as well as Guyana and Ireland. He regularly takes on cases that do not fall into traditional areas of forensic science which often involve customised approaches to reconstruction or analysis.