Genuineness Test

Speaker: Sangeetha Iengar
Chambers: Goldsmith Chambers

Genuineness Test
Sangeetha Iengar
Goldsmith Chambers

Tier One.History, rules, process, case law, toolkit and a demystification of Tier One applications from Specialist immigration barrister Sangeetha Iengar at Goldsmith Chambers

The Genuiness Test in Business Immigration
Case law and procedure
The history of the Genuiness Test
The rules
The process
Case law
Toolkit for refusals
The Initial Leave Test (tier one)
Immigration rules 1,2,4,5,6, “Genuine “
Viability and credibility of Business and market research
28 days to produce documents
Version 21 Home Office Guidance
Paper only assessment
SAR Subject Access request
Data Protection
Genuine Entrepreneur Test form
Procedure p33,34 policy document
Interview records,recording and refusal
Assessment team
Case law
Common law principles of fairness
Dudi (adverse point )
Practice tip
Reasonable ? Fair ? Forensic analysis ?
Anjum (disclosure )
Toolkit and procedural aspect
Substantive challenge

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