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Hostile Environment

Speaker: Alison Harvey
Chambers: No 5 Chambers

Windrush and the Hostile Environment
Alison Harvey
Immigration Barrister
No 5 Chambers

Commonwealth Immigrants Act 1968
The Constituent Elements of the Hostile Environment
Why it is a Problem for Commonwealth Citizens
Renting Property
Driving Licenses
Bank Accounts
The Privatisation of Immigration Control
Criminal Offences under the 1971 Act
Broadly Defining Immigration Officers
1948 Terminology “British Subject”
British Citizen or British Subject ?
1962.The Split
1968 Commonwealth Citizen Act
1971 Act and British Citizens Right to Abode
1988 Act and Contravention of Article 3
1971 Immigration Act
Par 16,17,18 Immigration Rules
National Archive Download 2.2
British Nationality Rules Summary
EU Nationals

You can contact Alison Harvey vie her clerks

You can contact Alison Harvey via her Clerks at