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How the Government and Police Failed to Manage Our Human Rights During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Speaker: Nasir Hafezi
Chambers: Previously Robert Lizar Solicitors. Now at BPP Law School

Nasir Hafezi is a legal trainer, ethics consultant and solicitor.

Here Nasir Hafezi shares another important critical presentation, this time reflecting on the legal frameworks used during the COVID19 pandemic. He considers what lessons can be learned in order to respond to future crises in the future. He highlights the human rights implications of the decisions and legal frameworks made by the UK government, as well as the ambiguities and harms that arose as a result of such frameworks.

Key words/ topics

COVID19 Pandemic
Human Rights Act 1998
Social distancing
Announcing public health messages
Delayed decision making
Controversial powers
The power to detain potentially infectious persons
The power to force cremations contrary to the deceased wishes
Common law principle of legality