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How the Government and Police Failed to Manage Our Human Rights During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Speaker: Nasir Hafezi
Chambers: Previously Robert Lizar Solicitors. Now at BPP Law School

Manchester prominent senior Criminal Law and Human Rights solicitor and law school lecturer Nasir Hafezi is a Law friends delegate who became a Law Friends speaker. We presented a session on terrorism following the stadium bombings. Nasir dealt with many of the cases arising out of the bombings and asked if he could speak for us. We accepted because of his warm participation, his belief in community, his bold and astute fact crunching delivery and fearless ways. Here Nasir examines the bedrock of trust that society cannot have in ministerial human rights-based decisions via the pandemic

Nasir will cover

How not to make laws during the pandemic, police enforcement, societal distress and the abundance of kindness society has shown to pull through

Lessons for the Lawmakers for a future crisis

Government ignorance of human rights

Article 2 The Right to Life

Article 3 Torture and Inhumane Treatment

Article 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ,9, 10, 11


Did the Government ensure Human Rights?

Did the government positively act to protect life and livelihoods?

Did the government respond proportionately?

Four questions

Delay, mistake, clear articulation of the law

Schooling, PPE, India, open debate?

Severe criticisms, reasonable excuses

Movement, State home orders, gatherings, closure of businesses

Detention of infected persons

Forced cremations, heavy fines, unclear tiers,

The Coronavirus Act

Face coverings, the Red List, Parliamentary scrutiny

Legal certainty

Passenger locator form, travel abroad

Widespread misunderstandings and 5 examples

Stay at home, excuses,

Police enforcement and gross mistakes

Derbyshire police drones

Confused guidance from ministers


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Nasir Hafezi

Nasir is a highly regarded lead criminal defence duty solicitor who has experience of the most serious levels of case in all courts and police stations across the Manchester Area. Now he harnesses his immense experience and trains future lawyers at a law school near to his previous practice. Nasir is a known go to lawyer for high end matters

Complex and serious crime
Money Laundering
Sexual Offences
Drug Supply

Nasir is the Founder of Community Legal Education which makes short videos to show people their rights when faced with affronts on their civil liberties from the police. He has been an independent Ethics Consultant Since 2015 and in that role has provided key advice on important and sensitive ethical issues faced by Greater Manchester Police and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority on subjects as diverse as Human Tissue Retention, Whistleblowing, Body Worn Videos and young people in custody.