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Human Trafficking 1

Speaker: Richard Bridgen
Chambers: Garden Court North

Human Trafficking
Richard Bridgen
Criminal Defence Barrister
Garden Court North

National Referral Mechanism
New offences
CPS CTL No evidence offered
Reasonable grounds
Inform the CPS
Has my client been trafficked?
Section 45 Modern Slavery act
Art 26 Palermo Convention
Keeping the case out of Court
S45 duress and the jury
The National Referral Mechanism
RvO and the international obligation
R v LM and Article 26
R v N Trafficking as an absolute offence
R v Joseph C of A Duress/Nexus pre s45
Process and abuse of process
Prosecutorial discretion
Proactive defence
Prove the defence
Avoid the trial
Reasonable grounds
Competent authorities NRA ,UKBA,NCA
Conclusive grounds
The test in s 45.The Court must be sure
Conclusive decision
CPS Review
Modern slavery Act 2015
Arranging or facilitating
Associated offences

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