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Human Trafficking Article 8 and the Hostile Environment

Speaker: Tublu Mukherjee
Chambers: Doughty Street Chambers

Tublu Mukherjee
Specialist Immigration Barrister
Doughty Street Chambers

Article 8
Asylum Claims,persecution and Retrafficking
Carnegie Convention
Palermo Protocol
R v Han (Judicial Review)
Obligation to Identify Victims `
National Referral Mechanism
Modern Slavery Act
Definition of a Trafficked Person
Article 4 ECHR
The Identification of Victims
Article 10 Competent Authority
Reasonable Grounds
Conclusive Grounds Decision
Expert Reports
Psychological Reports
45 Day Recovery Period
Prosecution Evidence
Civil Claim
Article 14
Compelling Justification
Court of Appeal
Convention Objectives and Article 12

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