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Immigration Bail 1

Speaker: Priya Solanki
Chambers: One Pump Court Chambers

Immigration Bail 2018
Priya Solanki
Specialist Immigration Barrister and Trainer
One Pump Court Chambers

Immigration Act 2016
Secretary of State Bail
8 Day rule
Tribunal Bail Guidance
Hostile Provisions
Section 61.3 and Schedule 10.1.5
New Provisions
Varying Bail Code C
New Powers of Arrest sch 10.10
Reasonable Grounds
Extreme Provisions
Discretionary Powers
Exceptional Circumstances
Bail Guidance Provisions
Stable Address
s11 Address Within 14 Days
Tribunal Bail
Stable Address,Family Ties
Criminal Offence PNC
Factors Affecting Bail
Offending History Risk Assesments
Public Health and Public Order
Protection of Applicant or another
Activity Condition
Residence Condition
Reporting Condition
Mandatory Tagging
Financial Condition
When Does Bail End?
Financial Matters
Bail Summary

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