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Investigatory Powers

Speaker: Andrew Fitzpatrick
Chambers: Garden Court North

Investigatory Powers and Rudd’s Radar
Andrew Fitzpatrick
Garden Court North

Andrew is a prominent human rights and civil liberties barrister and here sets out the Snoopers Charter and legalised hacking by the state security services

Investigatory powers tribunal against MI5,MI6,GCHQ
Confirm or deny.
Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015
IPA 2016 brings RIPA 2000 to the digital age
New powers
Providers to keep records for a year
Targeted legalised hacking with no warrant
Local government powers
New criminal offences under the Act
Unlawful access
CPS Data request
The tribunal and s65 IPA
Exempt from Freedom of Information Act
Complaint dismissed
A one way street
No appeal
Breach of lawyer client privilege
Wilson doctrine not enfoeceable in law
Liberty v GCHQ
Neither confirm nor deny
Informers and covert individuals
Court decides
Princess Diana case
Counter terrorism and Security Act 2015
New powers against travel
Detebtion without charge

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