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Is this the time for a Solicitors’ Union?

Speaker: Karen Todner
Chambers: Karen Todner

Karen is an internationally renowned solicitor, who qualified in 1987 and for many years was the MD of one of the largest criminal defence firms in the UK. She now specialises in and has a formidable reputation in criminal defence and extradition. She is admired for her ‘fearless’ approach to complex cases. Her peers characterise her as a ‘formidable opponent’ and a ‘vociferous litigator’.

Firstly, Karen brings attention to an article produced by Duncan Finylson (Manager of Lawyers Defence Group) who wrote a critique about the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority’s move to no longer pay defence costs of solicitors facing disciplinary proceedings in 2010. For many solicitors, these changes are detrimental and could cost them their careers. It is pointed out that currently solicitors so not have an effective union to assist those facing disciplinary action.

Key Words/Topics:

Solicitors Union
Solicitor’s Regulation Authority
Disciplinary Proceedings