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Legislation Update London Conference 1

Speaker: John Cooper QC
Chambers: 25 Bedford Row Crime Team

Legislation Update
John Cooper QC
25 Bedford Row Crime Team

John C0oper QC presents the full spectrum of essential criminal law updates here from 2016.

The Mood Music of the Criminal Court
Hostile Environment
Pressure on the Defendant
Hottak v DPP 18.10.16
Disclosure CPR 8.2
Communication (CPS Must Name their Case Owner)
Police Office in Court at Hearing
Undue Pressure
DPP v Leicester Magistrates Court
CPR 3.3.2 to Actively Assist
5 Jan 2016 Requirement to Layout the Nature of Case at Start of Trial
Defence Statement
Bad Character
Part 21 Notice During Trial
Mitchell (Northern Ireland 2016 UKSC 55) on PropensityTime Limits
Preparing the Indictment
Part 47 CCRC Obtaining Documentation
Lawyers and SFO
Section 2 Interviews
Lord and Others
Refusal of Solicitor in Interview
Judicial Review
Modern Slavery and Section 2 of the Act
Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015
Revenge Porn and Online Crime
Strict Liability for Offshore Tax Evasion
Jogee and Joint Enterprise
Post Jogee Appeals
R v ZN 2016
Displaying of Conduct
Court of Appeal Procedure
Authority of Mark James Appeal Against Conviction for Murder
Grounds of Appeal
Skeleton Arguments
Personal Costs Against the Advocate
Brevity of Drafting
Murray 2016
The Need for a Lucas Direction
Orr 2016
Fitness to Plead
R v Mcmannoman 2016
Judge Alone Trial
Collins v Secretary State 2016
Self Defence and Reasonable Force
Pacurar 2016
63 Sexual Offences Act 2003
Trespass with Intent to Committ a Sexual Offence
No Particularity Required

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