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Legislation Update London Conference 2

Speaker: Rudi Fortson QC
Chambers: 25 Bedford Row Chambers

Rudi Fortson QC 25
Specialist Criminal Defence Barrister
Bedford Row Chambers

New Bail Provisions
Release Under Investigation
No Further Action
CJA 2003 Street Bail
Bail Conditions 2006 Act
Street arrest
28 day bail must be neccessary and proportionate
Officer can re arrest under new evidence
Release Under Investigation RUI (No Limit) without bail
Proportionality v sound judgement “
Release Without Bail
Charge /Detain/Secure Evidence
2017 Act amends PACE
Sufficient Evidence to Charge
Refer CPS
Release without charge on Bail
Bail Conditions are not required
The New Legislation
Conditional Caution
24 Hour Limits to Detention Periods without Charge
2017 Act amends PACE on Fingerprints
Bail without charge
SFO case 3 month limit
28 Day Limit
Relevant Grounds ,Further time
Diligent Procedure
Neccessary and Proportionate
Legal Rep to be informed
Office to Consider representations
Exceptionally Complex Cases
Commander or Assistant Chief Constable for 6 month
Crown Prosecutor to assess
Legal rep to make reps
Officer must listen and consider
No Overall Limit
Reforms to the Firearms Act
The One Joule Rule
Airsoft Guns
Component Parts
Antique Firearms
Powdered and Vapourised Alcohol

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