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Maximising Legal Aid Billing and Appeals Costs

Speaker: Colin Wells
Chambers: 25 Bedford Row

Colin Wells presents a punchy 21 minutes on Maximising Legal Aid Billing and Appeals costs. This session covers the complex legislative framework and important factors in the correct procedures, cases and methods which criminal defence lawyers can adopt to make more money out of their cases from their inception to their conclusion

With detailed accompanying notes and a full biography attached Colin is renowned in this area of practice. He also features in the Law Friends Library on Abuse of Process, and is the go-to author on that authoritative text

Important factors
Served material
PPE Validation
Service of material ruling
Lord Chancellor v Hayes
Treated as PPE – 3 cases often cited by the LAA
Extract of a SCOTT Schedule and mobile phone extracts
Helpful Case Law
Page count

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Colin Wells

A very impressive barrister.

Chambers UK, 2021

An “excellent” fraud junior who is “extremely hard working and very bright.” Commentators say he is the go-to person on Abuse of Process

Chambers UK