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Murder, Manslaughter and Diminished Responsibility

Speaker: David Hislop QC
Chambers: Doughty Street Chambers

Murder, Manslaughter & Diminished Responsibility
David Hislop QC
Doughty Street Chambers
Crime Team of the Year

The Trevor Joyce Case
Choose a suitable appropriate adult who can later be a witness
Make sure the interview is videod
Get a top psychiatrist
The report must blame the schizophrenia
not drugs and alcohol
Keep them separate and choose the right psychiatrist
Don’t be afraid to direct your psychiatrist
Tell Counsel to ask for a first draft of the report for you to vet
Consequences and options
Mental health disposal s47 and s45A
Discretionary life sentence
Tarifs and Transfers
Loss of Control s 54 s55 Coroners Act 2009
replaces provocation and reduces murder to manslaughter
Killing must result from a loss of control only
Qualifying trigger s55 ss 3,4,5
R v Clinton and Others
“Things done or said”
s54 1 c .A Jury matter.
Self Defence
Reduces murder to no unlawful act
Prosecution to prove Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Police Station Advice

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