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Speaker: Sapna Shah
Chambers: 33 Bedford Row

Sapna is a family law barrister of 15 years’ experience specialising in aspects of private children law and financial relief. She is Resolution-accredited. Sapna combines her deep knowledge of the law with a key ability to get to the root of problems. In any dispute, particularly those involving financial relief, Sapna looks to settle matters before advising clients to go the court route, to save time and money and unnecessary stress. She has well-honed skills in negotiating agreements between the parties in dispute, whether it be to do with contact or with finances.

Here Sapna provides generalised advice on how to manage pensions in disputes. Reflecting on her in-depth experience, she explains common occurrences and gives useful advice on how to manage clients in these situations. She also explains how to use experts in these cases when they are needed, and shows how both time and costs can be reduced through letters of instruction that can be negotiated with opposing parties.

Key Words/Topics:

State Pensions
Private Pensions
Form P for Non-state Entitlements
Forms BR19 and BR20 online to DWP for State Pension entitlements
Pre-marital accrual
s.25 MCA 1973
Negligence Claims
Needs Cases
Draft letter of instruction
Pension share