Police Powers at Protests – Police Crime and Sentencing Act 2021

Speaker: Margo Munro Kerr
Chambers: One Pump Court

Margo Munro Kerr is a pupil barrister at One Pump Court Chambers , London who has keen interst in Protest Law , as does Law Friends.

Margo has chosen to present this draft Bill  because of its resonance with the basic freedoms protesters are protected by and the sinister silence with which it is quietly gliding onto the statute book.

Priti Patel’s Police Crime , Courts and Sentencing Bill has been slipped under the radar with vast media distraction and imposes horrific sentencing options for protesters , holidaying campervanners , Gypsies and Travellers , persons using a megaphone in front of Parliament and group or solo protesters and organisers.

Following fast in the wake of the toppling of the slave trader Coulston’s statue during the Black Lives Matter protests in Bristol last year there  will be ten year prison sentences available to the Courts for defacing a statue when the Lords give assent to this legislation .Very harsh sentences and new phraseology as to what is not allowed as part of a protest makes this a gloomy ” must read “

Full notes and slides in the members area.