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PACE Update 2018

Speaker: Matthew Hardcastle
Chambers: Kingsley Napley Solicitors

Crime Legislation Update
Chris Sykes
Doughty Street Chambers Crime Team.
Crime Team of the Year 2019

Possession of Offensive Weapons Bill 2018
Knife and acid crime epidemic
S 6.1 and 6.2 Offence / Defence Corrosive Substance
Bad character
s 6.9 ” capable of burning human skin “
12 s Defn 10 percent concentration
Proof.No case to answer.
s6.7 Sentencing. 12 months/ fine/ both/4yrs
s8 1.b Minimum Over 16/18 = 4 month DTO / 6 months
S28 Threatening with an offensive weapon
The Policing and Crime Act 2017
Police bail and better controls
28 day street bail
Neccessary and proportionate
34.5A PACE Extension conditions A-D
Data Protection Act 2018
Corporate cases
Future individual cases
Criminal Procedural Amendent Rules 2018
2.d.i. “For the Defendants Interests “
“Who will not be responsible for the Defendant “
Powers of Disclosure/Billing
Sexual Offences previous history
Assaults on Emergency Workers act 2018
Why ? On or off duty offence.
Aggravating feature
Penalties 12 months e/w
Lower sentence for Assault PC.
Criminal Finances Act
POCA broadened powers
Domestic Violence Istanbul Convention
Crime and Courts Act 2013 ( tagging )
Mags Court assets 2017
SAMLA 2018 . Investigatory Powers 2018

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