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Preventing Miscarriages of Justice

Speaker: Lorna Hackett
Chambers: Inside Justice

Lorna Hackett (formerly Elliott) is a barrister called in 2003, who has conducted numerous high profile cases in recent years. She has extensive litigation experience, particularly in the areas of judicial review and human rights. Lorna has considerable expertise advising in cases of a sensitive nature and is dedicated to representing the most vulnerable in society. She is passionate about achieving fairness and equality for all.

Here Lorna presents the work of a Charity called “Inside Justice,” comprised of a panel of legal experts who work pro bono on behalf of people who claim to have been wrongly convicted. She presents the common issues raised by applicants, and the backgroun behindthe current system being used by the charity. She then outlines how applications can be made to the Criminal Cases Review Commission, and two recent cases of miscarriages of justice. She ends by explaining how lawyers can prevent miscarriages of justice.

Key words/topics

  • Inside Justice
  • Wrongly convicted
  • Miscarriages of justice
  • Common issues
  • Corruption
  • The Royal Commission on Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Appeal Act 1995 formed the Criminal Cases Review Commission in 1997
  • Section 2 Criminal Appeal Act 1968
  • Criminal Cases Review Commission
  • Section 13 (1) Criminal Justice Act 1995
  • Non-disclosure
  • Criticism of judges and counsel
  • Pre-conceptions of the prosecuting authorities