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Private Prosecutions, Improper Motives, and the Public Interest

Speaker: James Dawes QC
Chambers: Two Harcourt Buildings

With private Prosecutions becoming an increasingly attractive route to justice , here are some important considerations for the criminal law community to consider as this work sector rises

The purpose of this discussion is

To draw attention to the Private Prosecutions Association Code of Conduct;

To flag up a warning to those advising clients about commencing a private prosecution that the client’s motives will be under the microscope. If there is any absence of good faith or if the prosecution is not transparent, then the case should not commence or if it has started, it should not continue.

To outline how those facing a private prosecution that you may defeat the prosecution before any trial takes place.

This seminar will cover

Section 6.1 Prosecution of Offences Act 1985

Section 6.2 Prosecution of Offences Act 1985

When will the CPS exercise their powers ?

Judicial Powers to stop the case

The case of Asil and Ditta

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James Dawes QC

Joint Head of Chambers at 2 Harcourt Building

“A well prepared, fair and clear advocate who is a smooth operator”

“James has garnered a formidable reputation for achieving successful outcomes in some of the most challenging cases to be brought before the criminal courts. He is a spellbinding advocate with a scientific approach to case preparation “

Chambers 2021.Ranked four years.