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Right to Reside

Speaker: Rowenna Moffat
Chambers: Doughty Street Chambers

Misuse of the Right to Reside
Rowenna Moffat
Immigration Barrister
Doughty Street Chambers

Citizens Directive
Safeguards and Proportionality
Article 35
General Principles
Enforcement and Safeguards
Abuse of Rights.Mariage of convenience
Article 30 ,31 notification and appeal
Article 15
Defining Abuses with Case Law
Autonomous EU Concept
Objectice acts or Ommissions
Subjective advantage test
Reliance to undermine EU Law
Fair legal Advantage
Regulation 26
Artificial Conduct
Suspicion and Proportionality
The 2016 Regulations
Removal and Exclusion
Schedule 1
Interpretation on Policy
Extension of Home Office Powers
Standard of Proof
Relationships of Convenience
Rough Sleeping

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