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Sentencing Update

Speaker: David Bentley QC
Chambers: Doughty Street Chambers

Sentencing Update
David Bentley QC of Doughty Street Chambers “Crime Team of the Year 2019 “
Case Law, Guidelines ,Manslaughter ,Breach.

Sentencing Guidelines
Manslaughter Guidelines
Gwilliam – extended sentence/dangerousness
C of A Appeal on sentence
Arafin-Discretionary life 10 yr minimum
C of A- Determinate / extended
Discretionary life sentence held with observations
Sutherland,remand and community penalties
s 149 CJA 2003 ss1
S143 PCC Sentencing Act 2000
Lovell.Schedule 21 murder guidelines
New Guidelines
Breach offences
Manslaughter provisions clarified
Double counting
Schedule 21 murder guidelines
Advising in guideline cases
Unlawful act manslaughter
Culpability and range

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