Serious Crime Prevention Orders 2019

Speaker: Edward Franklin
Chambers: 2 Harcourt Buildings

Edward Franklin
2 Harcourt Buildings

Part 1 of the Serious Crime Act 2007 created a power for the High Court to impose Serious Crime Prevention Orders.
Section 19 of the Act extended that power to the Crown Court.
These orders interfere with the liberty of the subject whether an individual or a business or other entity with the aim of preventing involvement in serious crime.

This webinar will touch on:
• the legislative background
• setting out the scheme of the Act
• judicial guidance
• prosecutorial policy, and
• tips that might assist when defending these orders.

This webinar in full covers the twenty major points to consider around this topic . The above list is a sample of the introductory part of the seminar and fuller detailed notes are given alongside the video in the members login area

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