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Sexual Offences

Speaker: Ched Evans and Matthew Stanbury
Chambers: Garden Court North Chambers

Sexual Offences with the recent case of footballer Ched Evans
Matthew Stanbury
Garden Court North Chambers

Section 41
False Complaints
Sentencing Update.Forbes
Sexual Risk Orders
Section 41 and the Ched Evans Case
What does Section 41 actually say?
A ban on questions regarding previous sexual behaviour
Exemptions.Relevant Issue.Not consent
Consent is the Issue at or about the same time
Behaviour “So similar”
Refusal of Leave renders conviction unsafe
Lose pedestrian to cutaway shot and return at a good point
Use cutaways ,crowd shots and a bit of zoom to change gear as this is a long delivery
The Crown v Chedwyn Evans
S41.3.c.1 “Similar Behaviour” Evidence
Relevance and Similarity Test
The Fallout
Calls for Reform to Section 41
Harriet Harman and Vera Baird QC
Incompatability under Article 6
R v Garry Lloyd Jones
Contempt of Court
Section 41 , Sexuality and Subsection 4 Rebuttal
Previous False Complaint
Alhilly 2014
Non Defendant Bad Character S 100
Sentencing Issues
Aggravating Features
Abuse of Trust and the Court of Appeal
Good Character Clampdown
Sexual Risk Orders
John O’Neill and the 24 Hour Police Notification

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