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Social Media and Communications Offences

Speaker: Jennifer Brenton
Chambers: 33 Bedford Row

Jennifer is a committed junior barrister who accepts instructions for both Prosecution and Defence work. She regularly provides written advice and is recognised for her concise analysis and pragmatism. As an advocate, she is clear and direct.

In this concise presentation, Jennifer gives an update on the mechanics of The Communications Act 2003. She begins with offences regarding the improper use of the public communications network, describing a case she has personally worked on to demonstrate how these cases can unfold. She also refers to relevant case law, which was used in this case.

Key words/topics

The Communications Act 2003
Improper use of the public communications network
Scottow v Crown Prosecution Service [2020] EWHC 3421 (Admin)
Social media
Communications offences
Human rights
Freedom of expression
Purpose of communication