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Speaker: Barra McGory QC
Chambers: Doughty Street Chambers

Terrorism in the Context of Recent Events
Barra McGory QC
Doughty Street Chambers
Crime team of the Year 2019
Criminal defence Solicitor who became HCA , DPPNI , Barrister and QC.

Extended periods of detention
Vulnerable client
Police relations
Adverse inference
Solicitor advocacy
The various stages of advocacy
Appellate advocacy as DPPNI
Inquests and tribunals
Victim awareness
The preparatory offences of terrorism
Northern Ireland statistics
The law around the offences
Training for terrorism and the 2006 Act
Counter Terrorism
Has your life ever been threatened?
Have the Intelligence Services moved with the times to prevent terrorism?
Who are the security services in Great Britain?
Can you comment on foreign fighter cases outside the UK?
Are there inconsistencies in charging policies in the CPS?

You can contact Barra McGrory QC via his clerks
on 0207 404 1313