Vulnerable Witness A Step by Step Guide

Speaker: Monica Stevenson
Chambers: 25 Bedford Row

Monica Stevenson
Criminal Defence Barrister
25 Bedford Row

Monica Stevenson of Counsel presents this clearly set out practical step by guide to the issues surrounding a vulnerable witness.This seminar clearly sets out the practice and procedure which must be adhered to in preparing the defence case in which a vulnerable witness is involved

Core principles
Best practice
Early issues
Groundrules hearings
Procedure and practice
Qualifying as vulnerable
No definition
Impact on client
Identify the issue early
Advocate Gateway Toolkit 1 and 10
Instruct an Expert
Best practice
CPR and PD
Vulnerable defendants
Measures available
Rashid Cof A
Special measures
Live link
Intersts of Justice test
Groundrules hearings
Intermediary to be present
Open Court
Proactive use of CPR

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